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Keywords I Follow

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I've been randomly following people on Twitter for some time now, If you asked my why I follow a particular person I doubt if I could give a good answer. I found this good tool that reads the words in the bio's of your Twitter followers and then builds a tag cloud where you can see the topics you are following. 

Here is mine from today. I am happy that they are mainly work related as I expect to not use Twitter for the 'life' side of my work-life balance. I wonder if it change in 6 or 12 months time?

Why do you use FourSquare, or other LBS?


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For some years now I have been following and using social media in my day-to-day life, both professionally and for pleasure. This is a great video about how social media is effecting our lives by author Erik Qualman of the book Socialnomics.

How should I declutter important nostalgia?

OK. Decided to have a house declutter and keep on finding physical nostalgia (e.g. postcards, photos,brochures, etc) of places/people that I have been, seen and want to remember.

How should I file/keep these?
- scan them & put them on DVD
- put in old suitcase in garage
- throw them and use my memory
- mixture of any/all

And for photos - printed or digital. Should I keep the top 10 from each trip and bin the rest? Or keep them all?

What have you done, what works and why for you?

Can your washing machine twitter?

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Way back in the history of networking (1970's), one of the first applications was for students to remotely probe the availability and later the coldness of Coke machines at the Standford.  Read about history at

Passport Control. Which is quickest?

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Arrived at Gatwick North with a choice of three passport controls - human, iris or eControl. I chose eControl as it looked quicker. What's your experience?

Watching CMS usage

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A useful Google page tracks usage of popular CMS. Whilst Wordpress (red) and Joomla (green) are in the lead, I do favour Drupal (orange) for it's scalability, modules and development options.

Check out Google Trends

Google Trends

64GB Flash Drive

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I was quite impressed a few months ago when I bought a 1GB flash drive. I recently read that Kangru is now selling a 64GB flash drive !!!  Great storage capability, but my budget does not have $2,799.95 to spare this week.

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