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Facebook rolls out facial recognition - what are your views?

Facebook rolled our facial recognition software last year to the US. It automatically scans photos and if it finds you, or someone like you in a friends photo. It will then suggest your name so that your friends can tag it.

I think the feature is clever, but what is not so clever and really surprised me is that they have implemented it with a default setting of enabled AND they have not bothered to inform its users that they have done this.

Personally I don't like being tagged in photos. So wherever possible I have changed my Facebook privacy settings to stop this. If I do get tagged, I un-tag myself straight away.

1) go to Account, then Privacy Settings
2) about half way down in the "Things others share" there is "Suggest photos of me to friends" click on "Edit settings"

Facebook privacy settings - Things others share
3) change setting to "Disabled" if you don't want Facebook to suggest your face to friends.

Faceboook - Photos suggest tags settings

Simple to change once you know it is there.

What are your views on this privacy invasion?  I wonder if street cameras use facial recognition?

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