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Money does not buy happiness, but giving away £2.7m can help

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They say that money does not buy happiness. Getting and having I agree with. But if you can use or give your money to help others, then this can bring happiness to them as well as to you. As I travel the world, I see how money can help others less fortunate than ourselves in many ways.

I love the concept of microfinance. Various models and schemes exist. My take is simple. Invest small funds to poor people in developing countries to allow them to expand or start-up their business. People who benefit from this social enterprise are those who would not have any backing or assets to get a normal  bank loan. Various third-party services such as Kiva, help channel funds to these people. Those that invest in microfinace will see the business grow, and are likely to get their money back.

I read a recent article about an Austrian millionaire who is giving away his fortune and all his personal possessions because 'they never made me happy.'

Karl Rebeder, 47, from Linz, claims he will use the money from his household accessory business - worth £2.7 million - to fund orphanages and other help-the-poor projects in South America...  Read the Daily Mail article

What are your thoughts or experiences..  Does money buy happiness?


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