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For some years now I have been following and using social media in my day-to-day life, both professionally and for pleasure. This is a great video about how social media is effecting our lives by author Erik Qualman of the book Socialnomics.

Even though I work in the industry I am amazed at the growth of social networks, in particular Facebook. Even people in my generation are starting to use Facebook to contact family and friends rather than traditional email. As people change their broadband providers, they often end up with a new email address. Using Facebook for email allows them to keep a single identity.

I've been to a few presentations by Facebook. The volume of messages and photos served per minute is unbelievable. A few years ago I wrote a presentation photo sharing services. At the time many were very cumbersome to use. Today a vast majority of Facebook traffic is photos, and most of this from mobile upload.

Take a look at this video, read the stats and let me know your views.

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