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St.Georges Day in Trafalgar Square

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Trafalgar Square is one of my favorite outdoor concert venue's in London. As part of Rhythm of London week, Saturday saw an excellent afternoon in basking sunshine to celebrate St.George's Day. I turned up mid-afternoon to see the end of performances by young Londoners.

Most enjoyable was a number of artists performing old London songs in the style of old time Music Hall - singing, dancing, comedy and sketches. Song sheets in hand, the audience joined in by singing some of London's favorite songs.

The afternoon finished off with an excellent performance by Joe Brown. I've read about him before, but I did not realise he has been performing for 50 years and was so talented.

A wonderful afternoon and a great way to celebrate St.George's Day.

Ryhthm of London on St.Georges's Day 7b
Ryhthm of London - St.George's Day 2010

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