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Twitter & Facebook are not always the best brand tools

Whilst Twitter and Facebook can be great online tools for some brands, they are not appropriate in all circumstances. Other methods may be better to gain insight or build advocacy,

The article in Marketing Week reviews current trends and gives some good case study examples.

Keywords I Follow

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I've been randomly following people on Twitter for some time now, If you asked my why I follow a particular person I doubt if I could give a good answer. I found this good tool that reads the words in the bio's of your Twitter followers and then builds a tag cloud where you can see the topics you are following. 

Here is mine from today. I am happy that they are mainly work related as I expect to not use Twitter for the 'life' side of my work-life balance. I wonder if it change in 6 or 12 months time?

How to Keep Young

I don't always read emails with attachments, but I received one from a good friend in Canada that caught my eye.  You might have seen it already, it is titled Reflections and talks through the ages of life and tips on how to keep you.

Four tips that caught my eye are:

  • keep cheerful friends
  • keep learning
  • enjoy simple things
  • surround yourself with what you love

These are so true in my life.  What are your tips to keep young?

Prince Harry in Lesotho, a place I love

I read with interest of Prince Harry’s visit this week to see victims of poverty and HIV at Sentebale, a charity he founded to support Lesotho's orphans and vulnerable children. This ITN documentary tell's about his work.

Why do you use FourSquare, or other LBS?

F Alternative

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My local radio station was asking for alternative things to do over the next few weeks that begin with F.  Not everyone like F and I don't know F takes over the TV every four years.

Facebook, Fishing, Frisby throwing - what are your F alternatives?

East London Line reopens

After three years of work by Transport For London, a very old railway line reopens in London. Celebrations took place, including free travel on the day, balloons at the stations and a mass of travel fans admiring the new style carriages.

Mr Punch's Birthday

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In 1662 the writer Samuel Pepys was so impressed about a puppet show he saw that he decided to write about. And so the Punch and Judy show was brought to the UK.  This year it is Mr. Punch's 348th birthday so I took a stroll to Covent Garden to find out what was so facinating that has driven fanatics to celebrate this event for the last 35 years.

Dancing in Duke's Road

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Exploring around Euston this evening I heard some music and cheering in Duke's Road, a lovely cobbaled street that I sometimes walk through.


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For some years now I have been following and using social media in my day-to-day life, both professionally and for pleasure. This is a great video about how social media is effecting our lives by author Erik Qualman of the book Socialnomics.

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