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Covent Garden Juice Points

I was walking around Covent Garden on the way to a meeting and spotted this EDF Energy Juice Point.  I had read about them before, but this was the first time I had seen one in use. A few other passers by also stopped to look.

Juice Point close-up

Recycle your Christmas Cards

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In the UK it is expected that 1 billion Christmas cards are thrown away each year. The Woodland Trust goal is to recycle from their collecting points around 1 million cards. I wonder what happens to the remaining cards?

64GB Flash Drive

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I was quite impressed a few months ago when I bought a 1GB flash drive. I recently read that Kangru is now selling a 64GB flash drive !!!  Great storage capability, but my budget does not have $2,799.95 to spare this week.

About Me

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After many months, I finally got to write my About Me page. I think there are too many words and it does not really articulate what my life purpose or goals are. This version will do until next time.

75000 Professional Beer Drinkers

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I'm glad I am one of the professionals.

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, has today revealed that it signed up its 75,000 member in National Pubs Week, three quarters of the way to hitting their target of 100,000 members by 2007.

Why don't you join?

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