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Mr Punch's Birthday

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In 1662 the writer Samuel Pepys was so impressed about a puppet show he saw that he decided to write about. And so the Punch and Judy show was brought to the UK.  This year it is Mr. Punch's 348th birthday so I took a stroll to Covent Garden to find out what was so facinating that has driven fanatics to celebrate this event for the last 35 years.

In the gardens of St.Paul's church in Covent Garden, members the Punch & Judy Fellowship entertain visitors with their magical puppets show. The day started at 1030 with a street precession and then various performances ran until 1730.

The 'professors', as they are known, gave a colourful and entertaining show. We are all children at heart and it always a pleasure to see people of all ages laughing and enjoying the show. It's no surprise that a pub was built nearby to allow a drink whilst overlooking the street entertainers.

I normally relate to seeing Punch & Judy shows at the seaside with that squeaky voice shouting 'That's the way to do it”. What fond memories do you have about seaside puppet shows?

Mr Punch & the policeman

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