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Social Media Optimisation - the new SEO?

I've been designing, building and editing websites for a number of years. I was brought up on SEO - ensuring good meta tags and keywords; good headings; words in the copy that users are looking for, search friendly urls, etc, etc.

More recently I've paid less attention to some of this, but focused on ensuring page design is socially friendly. Many people spend more time seeking advice and recommendation from friends within Facebook or LinkedIn rather than relying on search engines bloated responses.

Key tips to check if your page is social media friendly:-

  • When you past the url into Facebook, can you see an appropriate image and a block of text that makes sense to the article?
  • Does the page have social sharing buttons that work correctly?
  • Does it have a Facebook 'like' or 'rewet' button?
  • Do you have business goals, measurement tools and a process is place track success?

I discuss SMO in my meetings with clients - either when I am proposing to them, or as a consultant helping them write a proposal paper about their business.

This good article from Ben Elowitz talks further about why SMO is overtaking SEO.

What's your view - SMO or SEO?

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