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EasyBitsGo.exe wants to use Skype

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Strange messages on my PC today. Firstly I had a pop up message saying something about Skype games wants to upgrate. I clcked in not now as I don't play games and not used to seeing Skype ask these type of messages.

A few minutes later I had another Skype pop-up saying EasyBitsGo.exe wants to use Skype. I found no reference to this message on Google or Bing but some similar search results made me think it could be Malware. I killed application via XP Task Manage and not going to upgrade Skype to the lated version. I think I have the latest anyway. The run a few health checks.

I later found a new shortcut on my desktop that points to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Easybits GO\EasyBitsGO.exe"

I've made no changes to my PC so not sure what caused this and if it is malware or not.  The only thing that has changed this afternoon is that I installed the new BT HomeHub 3 and took out the hub2.

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